2019-3-29 Volume 4 Issue 12

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10 Editorial
14 reFLYCKTions: The Crufts Experience-A Combination of Excitement & Frustration BY GEIR FLYCKT-PEDERSEN
15 In Memory of Charlton Reynders, Jr. “Rink”
18 Vet Advice: Pemphigus & Pododermatitis BY MERRY FITZGERALD, DVM
22 The Weekly Question BY MATTHEW H. STANDER
26 Views From A Delegate: I Have Something To Say About A Lot Of Things BY JOHNNY SHOEMAKER
34 Bests Of The Week
42 The Eurasia Show: Foreign In Many Ways, Yet Much More “American” Than Expected BY BO BENGTSON
54 Crufts International BY YOSSI GUY
64 The Gossip Column BY EUGENE Z. ZAPHIRIS
66 Click: Crufts 2019 PHOTOS BY SUSAN SPRUNG
68 Handlers Directory
70 Click: Vintage Cluster 2019 PHOTOS BY REMY SMITH-LEWIS
72 Classified Advertising
74 The Way We Were BY LESLIE SIMIS
76 Advertising & Subscription Rates