2019-3-15 Volume 4 Issue 10

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10  Editorial

14  The Chairman’s Report:

A Time To Reflect On Our Great Fancy    BY RONALD H. MENAKER

18  From Inside The Sport: Magical Madison Square Garden   BY PAT TROTTER

22  The Weekly Question   BY MATTHEW H. STANDER

34  Bests Of The Week

38  The Sunny Side of Judging: Just A Thought   BY MICHAEL H. FAULKNER

42  The Dog News Top 100 Dogs All Breeds

46  The Dog News Top 10 Dogs In Groups

50  The Dog News Top 10 List - All-Breed Points

52  Views From A Delegate:

“Help Us, Westminster Kennel Club,” Signed The AKC, Inc.   BY JOHNNY SHOEMAKER

56  Mark My Words: The Piers    BY MARK THRELFALL

60  The Show Dog Archives: Blast From The Past!    BY BO BENGTSON

64  Flaim On: Westminster Coverage On Balance   BY DENISE FLAIM

66  Westminster   BY STACY THRELFALL

70  reFLYCKTions: Westminster Hangover?   BY GEIR FLYCKT-PEDERSEN


114  The Gossip Column   BY EUGENE Z. ZAPHIRIS

116  Click: The 2019 Westminster Kennel Club    BY EUGENE Z. ZAPHIRIS

122  Click: The 2019 Westminster Kennel Club    BY REMY SMITH-LEWIS

124  Classified Advertising

126  The Way We Were    BY LESLIE SIMIS

128  Handlers Directory

130  Advertising & Subscription Rates