2017-10-6 Volume 2 Issue 39

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10 Editorial
14 From Inside The Sport: The Day Of The Terrier By Pat Trotter
18 reFLYCKTions: It’s That Terrier Time Again By Geir Flyckt-Pedersen
22 The Weekly Question By Matthew H. Stander
26 How I See It: Terrier Reflections By Ronnie Irving
30 Welcoming Message From The President Of Montgomery County Kennel Club By Bruce Schwartz
34 Bests of the Week
42 Crazy Like A Fox: A Profile Of Eddie (& Lesley) Boyes By Matthew H. Stander
44 Mark My Words: Oh, Montgomery! By Mark Threlfall
52 Why Montgomery? By Michael Canalizo
54 The Hispanic Influence at Montgomery By Desmond J. Murphy
56 Remembering Dan Kiedrowski
60 Water Dogs Take Over The Ocean State: PWD National Specialty By Remy Smith-Lewis
64 Unexpected Benefits Of Rabies Vaccination In Dogs From The Morris Animal Foundation
68 Nobody Asked Me, But... By Matthew H. Stander
78 Treasures Of The Far East By Nick Waters
108 The Gossip Column By Eugene Z. Zaphiris
110 Click: Hunt Country Cluster By Carla Viggiano
116 The Way We Were By Eugene Z. Zaphiris
118 Classified Advertising
119 Handlers Directory
120 Advertising & Subscription Rates